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ModFoundry Closed Alpha Release

· One min read

Alpha is out!

Closed alpha

In July the closed alpha for ModFoundry was released. Right now the alpha is available to Patreon supporters and a few lucky winners of the key giveaway (run in the Discord server).

I am using this time of alpha testing with a small number of users to get crucial feedback about the development direction of the app. I have learned more in a few weeks of alpha testing than through months of developing alone without any feedback.

Roadmap and suggestions

You can help shape the development of this app by requesting features and voting on features others have requested on the suggestions board. The roadmap feature here also shows what is planned, in progress, and what has been completed already.

Looking forward

Looking ahead to the coming months, I am hopefuly for a larger Beta test before full release. I'm only comfortable with releasing once I feel the app is truly useful, which I don't think it quite is yet. I think it will be with a few more months of development, so stay tuned.