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How to make an item

Items are objects that exist inside a player's hand, inventory, armor, etc. The item element allows for basic items (such as a new ingot) to be made. This element also allows for consumable food to be made.

Items that are associated with blocks will be created automatically when a block element is added.

Green Apple

General properties

In game nameThis is what will be displayed in the game for this item's name.
Creative tabThe creative tab that this item can be found on.
Stack sizeThe number of this item that can be in one stack.


The texture will determine how this item will look in the player inventory, held in a player's hand, and when dropped on the ground. Items will use the default item model. When you create a tool element, it will default to the handheld model instead.


You may choose to include an item in a vanilla Minecraft tag. This allows custom items to be logically and behaviorally grouped with vanilla items.


NutritionHow many food points this food restores. Two nutrition is equal to one food in the food bar.
SaturationSaturation is a hidden metric which will decrease before visible hunger decreases.
Is meat?Is this food meat?
Can be eaten fast?Can this food be eaten quickly?
Apply effects?Should an effect be applied when this food is eaten? Effects can be configured for duration, probability, and amplitude.

Events (blueprints)

Events are used to control the behavior of your item.


onDroppedByPlayer node

This event is fired when a player drops this item.


hurtEnemy node

This event is fired when a player hurts and enemy entity with this item in their hand.


useOn Node

This event is fired when a player right clicks on a block with this item in their hand.