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How to make a block

Blocks are fundamental elements for most mods. This page describes how you can add custom blocks to your mod.

How to make a crop

Crop elements let you create new crop blocks and add them to your mod. This is for crops that are similar to wheat, potatoes, carrots, etc. in that they grow in tilled dirt (farmland), and use a seed item.

How to make a music disc

Music discs can be inserted into Jukeboxes to play music. Music discs rely on .ogg mono sound files.

How to make a potion

Potions allow effects to be applied. Creating a potion in ModFoundry automatically creates a regular, splash, and lingering potion, as well as a tipped arrow.

How to make a tool

Tool elements allow you to create pickaxes, axes, swords, shovels, and hoes.

How to make a tree

Custom trees with saplings are easy to add to your mod using ModFoundry.

How to make an effect

Mob effects are used to control the behavior of entities (players and mobs). Effects can be applied via a potion.

How to make an item

Items are objects that exist inside a player's hand, inventory, armor, etc. The item element allows for basic items (such as a new ingot) to be made. This element also allows for consumable food to be made.